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Equine Staff

Horses used for the Walk On Therapeutic Riding Program range from the age of 5 to 30 years of age.  Seven of the horses were donated to the program, have been in a training and are available for use in the 2006 Riding Sessions.  The remainder of the horses used for the riding program are owned and cared for by Double K Acres.  The health of the horse is the primary concern for any riding program and to ensure a safe and fun riding experience.  Local veterinary clinics are used to ensure the health and care of all the horses.  The horses are monitored on daily basis to make sure they are in fit condition to meet the needs and demands of the riders and class sessions.  Horses are rotated as needed to ensure such safety.  

Before any horse is used for the program, the equine is put through a vigorous training and evaluation process.  The horses are exposed to a variety of equipment, objects, sights, and sounds.  They are put through the challenges and concerns that may be addressed during a typical riding class. The volunteers participate and assist with this training program.  Program tack and equipment is established for each horse.

Horse Donation Program

The Horse Donation Program accepts horses as part of the riding program.  Before a horse is brought to the program, a need is determined and an evaluation of the horse takes place.  Horses must be healthy and not have any medical problems.  Horses may need to work at one to three hours at a time.  Walk On cannot accept horses that are have a chronic medical condition.  

Once the horse is accepted for evaluation, the horse is brought to Walk On for further evaluation. The horse will be put through a variety of situations using a variety of equipment and situations.  The horse has a 60 day evaluation program and, at that time, it will be determined if the horse meets the needs of the program.  During the entire evaluation process, the donating owner is responsible to work with the staff and volunteers of Walk On to determine if the donating horse is right for the program.  

Should the horse not be acceptable for the program, the horse will be returned to the donating owner.

If the horse is acceptable for the program, the horse will become the property of Walk On Therapeutic Riding Program, Inc.  Walk On will use the horse for the purpose of the riding program.

If you would like additional information or be contacted about such a donation, please contact Walk On at or 715-425-2025.

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