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Volunteer Orientation Program

New Volunteer Orientation and Training is scheduled at various times throughout the summer to assist as a 

Horse Leader or Side Walker while assisting the riders.

            Contact Walk On at 715-425-2025 or email to inquire about  volunteer training dates and times.

Walk On Therapeutic Riding Programs, Inc. relies on the use of Volunteers to assist with the riders as well as provide numerous other exciting and fun experiences around the equines and the ranch itself.

The Volunteer Orientation Program is established to provide an excellent opportunity for individuals wishing to volunteer at Walk On. As a new volunteer, you will be required to attend an initial orientation session.   During this orientation session, you'll learn about the services Walk On provides, become familiar with the therapeutic riding process, complete the necessary forms and documentation, and learn of all the various volunteer opportunities that make Walk ON a successful and safe therapeutic riding center.

This program also meets the required standards in making Walk On an Accredited Premiere PATH International Site.  What you would like to do as a volunteer, what you are qualified to do, the type of involvement, and amount of time you are willing to commit to for Walk On is entirely your choice.  If you are planning to be a horse leader or side walker, ideally, a six week commitment once a week is appreciated.  The riders and other volunteers are relying on you.



 Horse leader/ Side walker: A primary volunteer opportunity is to be a horse leader or side walker while assisting with the riders during the therapeutic riding sessions. Equine experience is helpful to be a horse leader. Training will be provided to you in order to be confident as a side walker for the riders.

The orientation session will concentrate on many of the safety concerns and procedures while assisting the rider before, during, and after the riding session. Your role as a volunteer will be assisting the rider with helmets, tacking, mounting and dismounting the equine, documentation either on paper or computer, and being responsible for the rider throughout the riding session.


Horse Handler, Wrangler, or Barn Assistant:  The horse handler is responsible for the equine, prior to class, during, and after completion of the riding session. This responsibility will include, but not limited to, bring equine from paddock or pasture for feeding and care, necessary grooming prior to the arrival of the rider, and evaluation of the soundness of the equine for the riding session. The horse handler will also be responsible for being attentive to the equine during the tacking, mounting and dismounting of the rider.  At the conclusion of the riding session, horse handler may also be required to return equine to designated pasture. This procedure is further introducing safety measures for the riders, volunteers, and the equines. An individual with equine experience is highly recommended for this duty. Horse handlers will be responsible for documentation of the equine either on paper or computer after the riding session. 


 Everyone volunteering in any role with Walk On is now required to attend the initial volunteer session . During this session you will meet other volunteers, discover the many volunteer opportunities, complete all the necessary paper work, and learn about Walk On and the wonderful experiences it has and will provide to the many riders that it serves. Once you have completed this orientation session, you can determine your availability and the amount of time you wish to assist at Walk On. 


"As a volunteer at Walk On, you will change someone's life and it may even be your own!"  Ken Giske

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