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Volunteers are the key component of the Walk On Therapeutic Riding Program.  

Simply put, without these individuals Walk On Therapeutic Riding Program would not exist.

Volunteer opportunities are listed below. 

 For more information on volunteering, please call 715-425-2025 or email us at for additional information.


Volunteers do not need to have a horse related background or working with people with disabilities. As a volunteer you will need to attend an orientation session, document your time, and keep the volunteer coordinator informed of your availability.

Volunteers serve in additional non-horse related roles as an advisor to the Board of Directors, assists with public relations and marketing, recruitment of volunteers and riders.  


Volunteers also help with web site development, photography, establishing the 501c3 nonprofit organization, and equipment building and repairs. Whatever your skills and expertise may be, it can certainly be used at Walk On.

Horse Volunteers

Two Roles

Volunteers serve in a number of roles. The primary roles are as horse leader and side walker.
  • The horse leader is responsible for leading the horse during the classes and steadying the horse while rider mounts and dismounts.
  • The side walker is on each side of the horse, walking along beside the horse during the lesson and assisting the rider. The side walker assists the instructor while the rider mounts and dismounts the horse.
These two important roles provide the necessary assistance to make a enjoyable and safe riding experience. It take three volunteers per horse to have a safe riding experience. Riders may not ride with out these volunteers.

Join Our Team!

Walk On takes pride in the opportunity of working and developing a therapeutic riding program for individuals with a disability. The volunteer orientation session accommodates the necessary amount of information to be shared for volunteering.


Walk On looks at each volunteer as a valuable team member to work with a specific rider, other volunteers, and equine. Each team will remain the same throughout the five or six week riding session. By doing so, Walk On is providing a safe and responsible riding session for all. Walk On is also meeting the necessary requirements of being a PATH International Premier Accredited Therapeutic Riding Center.

Walk On is asking that as a volunteer to horse lead or side walk, you commit to a full five or six week block of time. The hour or hours, the day, or days, and the amount of time you wish to participate is up to you,

but Walk On and most importantly, the rider, needs your commitment.


Without your assistance, the rider will not be able to participate. That is why you are part of TEAM that will have a huge positive impact on others as well as yourself.

Walk On Volunteer Opportunities:

Katy's Flower Gardens
Horse Handlers
Side Walkers
Assisting the Instructor During the Riding Classes
Rider and Volunteer Check In
Stall Cleaning
Horse Care: Vet, Farrier
Feeding Mornings or Afternoons
Board of Directors
Horse Brushing
Public Relations: Information Booth, Visiting Organizations, Story Telling, Distributing Flyers
Building Equipment for Class
Making Signs for Class
Assisting Riders During Class
Volunteer Appreciation
Fund Raising
Open House: Assisting with Planning, Organizing, and Set Up
Horse Training and Schooling

If you would like more information about becoming a volunteer,

contact Walk On at 715-425-2025 or email us at

No matter what your interest, Walk On appreciates your help. Thank you!

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